The program

A program for ambitious Odense-based startups looking to go on an international journey

By joining the PreFlight Odense program you will unlock the local network and kickstart your international startup journey. You will meet leading experts and speakers who all have one goal: to help you develop your business.

If you qualify we offer help in three different steps:







The program is for early-stage entrepreneurs who are ready to go make an impact on a global scale. Participation is free – however, you must live up to the following criteria to join the program:

  • Have a CVR or CPR number registered in Odense Kommune
  • Have a scalable startup solution with a global potential
  • Have the motivation to learn and invest time and effort in moving your business forward

Step 1: Worshops

Ready for an intense ride?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, come with us! Over the course of four intensive workshop days we prepare you and your business for the ride ahead. You will learn the fundamentals of areas such as sales, branding and startup strategy. 

First workshop: Economcs and law 
Second workshop: Strategiy vision og storytelling
Third workshop: Go-to-market og business model
Fourth workshop: Sales, internationalization and fundraising 

Be prepared to be challenged  - and to get feedback on your progress. The workshops will also prepare you to meet real investors and give you an advantage when it comes to fundraising.



Step 2: Sparring

The real key to succes!

Solve the challenges you face with 1:1 sparring. In this fase of the program you can (potentially) get funding for external experts within a specific area that is vital for you and our startup. 

Depending on your needs you will be able to get valuable 1:1 sparring with industry experts who can help you solve the challenges you face.

Sparring sessions are free for startups who qualify after completing the workshop program

Step 3: Pitch

The stage is yours!

Learn to pitch your startup for investors. Attracting the right investors is vital for the future of your startup. We help you master the discipline of pitching for investors, and we give you the platform to pitch your ideas and vision for possible invesors at a pitch event with key stakeholders.

The pitch training sessions and the actual pitch event is free for startups who have completed the workshop program and are looking to attract business angel investment.